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JP-S57172804-A: Cable type tire chain patent, JP-S57177303-A: Selective permeable film patent, JP-S57182705-A: Picture display device patent, JP-S5718565-A: Cart for electromotive road patent, JP-S57189128-A: Light shield screen for reflection prevention and its manufacture patent, JP-S57189265-A: Calculating system of amount of tax patent, JP-S57193529-A: Production of false twisted processed yarn patent, JP-S57205095-A: Robot arm patent, JP-S57212339-A: Internal combustion engine with compressing releasing mechanism patent, JP-S5730556-A: Method of crushing flammable substance patent, JP-S5737035-A: Powdered particle transportaion wagon patent, JP-S575118-A: Truck patent, JP-S5773548-A: Transmission system for measuring signal patent, JP-S5776096-A: Lubricant oil composition patent, JP-S577927-A: Manufacture of semiconductor patent, JP-S578507-A: Color separating stripe filter patent, JP-S5789662-A: One surface anti-pilling process of polyester fiber containing knitted fabric patent, JP-S5791028-A: Output error compensating circuit for digital-to-analog converter patent, JP-S5810002-A: Band for wrist watch patent, JP-S58104294-A: Production of rubber and plastic coated cable patent, JP-S58104342-A: Air-fuel ratio controlling method for internal- combustion engine patent, JP-S58105354-A: Computer controlling system patent, JP-S58120332-A: Defect position searching device for digital light transmission system patent, JP-S58122465-A: Conductivity detector and its method patent, JP-S58136229-A: Transformer for instrument with relay error operation preventing unit patent, JP-S58144066-A: Automatic winder having pneumatic splicer patent, JP-S58146845-A: Gas sensor patent, JP-S58150433-A: Heavy metal removing agent patent, JP-S58158332-A: Controller for throttle valve of engine patent, JP-S58161651-A: Master cylinder patent, JP-S58170278-A: Character size controlling system patent, JP-S58170426-A: Moisture controllable anti-fungal cellulose food casing patent, JP-S58171412-A: Low shrinkable resin composition patent, JP-S58176015-A: Production of ultrafine metallic pen point patent, JP-S58193920-A: Fixing method of end fitting metal for control cable patent, JP-S58200533-A: Method of attaching metal layer to surface of insulating layer patent, JP-S58210325-A: Return device for exhaust gas in internal combustion engine with exhaust-gas turbo-charger patent, JP-S5826803-A: Fungicide for agriculture and gardening patent, JP-S5837793-A: Digital high frequency output gage for ultrasonic wave oscillator patent, JP-S584062-A: Decorative coating patent, JP-S584140-A: Applying method for liquid type photosensitive resin patent, JP-S5861957-A: Curved multipoint relieving and continuous casting installation patent, JP-S5863780-A: Improved coal liquefaction for separating transfer gas from dissolver discharge slurry patent, JP-S5870154-A: Manufacture of cation sensor patent, JP-S5878037-A: Air conditioning controlling device patent, JP-S5878271-A: Optical character reader patent, JP-S5879174-A: Infrared ray detector patent, JP-S59100902-A: Mowing and harvesting machine patent, JP-S59109750-A: Refrigerator patent, JP-S59120471-A: Thermal head patent, JP-S59120629-A: Copolyether ester amide and manufacture patent, JP-S59141469-A: Manufacture of heat resistant composite board patent, JP-S591419-A: Carrier containing antibiotic substance patent, JP-S59142610-A: Stored program type controller patent, JP-S59157734-A: Data transfer system patent, JP-S59158218-A: Method for sealing through-hole of synthetic resin pipe having through-hole in pipe wall in axial direction patent, JP-S59158239-A: Preparation of molding for automobile patent, JP-S59171129-A: Automatic wiring inspection device patent, JP-S59191646-A: Data processing system patent, JP-S59194404-A: Method of producing resistor patent, JP-S59199747-A: Thermoplastic resin composition patent, JP-S59199778-A: Electrically conductive coating material patent, JP-S59199932-A: Apparatus for washing puvics of human body patent, JP-S59202429-A: Information recording device patent, JP-S59205619-A: Distributor monitor patent, JP-S59207202-A: Machine joining flitch strip patent, JP-S59209440-A: Production of plunger for valve lash adjuster patent, JP-S59212160-A: Wear-resistant member for pulverizer patent, JP-S59212721-A: Weighing equipment patent, JP-S59217251-A: Photoelectric detector patent, JP-S5922261-A: Circuit for controlling capstan motor patent, JP-S59222724-A: Postal scale patent, JP-S5924245-A: Preparation of ion sensor patent, JP-S5932123-A: Vapor growth method patent, JP-S5948887-A: Production of magnetic bubble element patent, JP-S59501483-A: patent, JP-S59501726-A: patent, JP-S5951135-A: Fuel injection quantity controller patent, JP-S5953748-A: Shuttle for supporting coreless yarn bobbin patent, JP-S595531-A: Structure of delay switch patent, JP-S5961474-A: Inverter device patent, JP-S5962355-A: Washing device of screenings patent, JP-S5967781-A: Signal converter patent, JP-S5988397-A: Method for controlling growing speed of magnetic bubble garnet crystal patent, JP-S5993865-A: Sliding member patent, JP-S5997798-A: Cylinder of mill for sugar cane and its manufacture patent, JP-S5999779-A: Photocell of large area electrically connected and photocellof large area electrically connected each other and method of producing same photocells patent, JP-S60108036-A: Signal transmitter of rotary system and stationary system patent, JP-S60115514-A: Dentifrice composition patent, JP-S60131954-A: High-chromium steel having high toughness and hot cracking resistance patent, JP-S60134677-A: Method of driving solid-state image pickup device patent, JP-S6013829-A: Olefinic thermoplastic elastomer composition having high radiation resistance and flame retardance patent, JP-S60142454-A: Input/output control method patent, JP-S60154466-A: Manufacture of fuel electrode for molten carbonate fuel cell patent, JP-S60170012-A: Composite magnetic head patent, JP-S60170590-A: Piercing method of eyeless stitching needle patent, JP-S60171138-A: Thermal inversion type implanted transfer textile patent, JP-S60172435-A: Automatic tool changer patent, JP-S60179160-A: Air cleaner patent, JP-S60179606-A: Length measuring device patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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